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Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Saskia Shutt Jewellery recently made a pair of wedding rings made from one piece.

Customers who stepped into the union of marriage on the 8 May 2011 and they wanted the figure 8 to play a major part on the marriage day. They picked the number 8 as a symbol, a sign for unity, the never-ending figure.

The symbolism went even further than the figure 8… The rings were also made from old jewellery from both his and her personal collection, which was melted down together, in Saskia’s workshop. After the silver was all melted down, it was milled into a long strip of silver sheet which was then turned up into the first ring and after it was soldered the second ring was made to complete the figure of 8.

The rings were then sawn in two and bride and groom presented each other with their halves…. the unity was completed

“8 is the number of unity… 8 is a knot which ties the unity… 8 is a loop which mirrors itself… 8 is the number made of 2 halve to create a whole”.

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

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