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Responsible Precious Metals

Responsible precious metal resourcing is important to me, as the jewellery industry is known to have a dark side. It is polluting and heavily taxing the environment in the precious metals and gemstone mining areas.  It is also known for the uneven balance of the miners and mining communities being undervalued and underpaid.

This is why transparency is important to me. I would like my customers to see and understand where my resources come from, and why I choose to work with responsible precious metals. Sourcing from small-scale artisanal mining is important to me because in doing so, I (and you) help support these mining communities, not only sustain their income, but also enable fair wages, schooling, and education, and working with respect to their direct environment, by investing in the local fauna and flora.  


Saskia Shutt Designs is Fairmined certified. Therefore I am a Fairmined licensed brand. Most of my jewellery is handmade in Fairmined Eco gold and/or Fairmined silver. 

Why Fairmined?

It is my responsibility to ensure, that my customers receive the best quality. It is also imperative that the materials I use come from reliable and fair origins. That is why I choose to work with responsible precious metals. 

Fairmined is the highest form of quality guarantee. It is not jet a guarantee for the end consumer. It guarantees the quality of work of the miners, the living environment of the mining communities, and the environment. 

Responsible Precious Metals

All certified jewellers, wholesalers, and mines are audited by a third party every three years. If we do not comply with the Fairmined standard, then we can lose our license. If this happens, we will have to adhere to the Fairmined standard and re-apply. Twice a year we also have to fill in all our purchases on the Fairmined Connect platform. Each of our purchases has to match our wholesalers. In turn, they have to match their purchases from the bullion dealers. This then also has to match the mines’ sales. In doing this, every gram of gold and silver is accounted for. It is therefore also traceable back to the mine the precious metal came from. 

The mine where my Fairmined Eco gold comes from is Oro Puno in the Andes in Peru, which I had the fortune to visit in 20

L'exploitation minière responsable
Lunchtime! Sharing our food with the miners at Oro Puno mine during our visit in May 2022
L'exploitation minière responsable
Three of the Oro Puno miners (in blue) and three Fairmined jewellers (in orange - I'm the tall one in the scarf, second from the right)
L'exploitation minière responsable
This is the starting area where the gold is separated from the earth by means of large water cannons. The water comes from the rain water reserves and is caught in pools, where the water is filtered, cleaned and reused. There is no water wastage, except by natural evaporation
Ethical Metalsmiths

Better without Mercury is an Ethical Metalsmiths project to help the Gualconda mine in Colombia eradicate the use of mercury in its mining practices. The project has three fazes : Clean up, Restoration, and Education

Read all about it by clicking on the button. 

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