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Jewellery for all occasions for women and men

Handmade earrings in either silver or gold some are textured and others are set with gemstones.

The gem-set earrings are all unique since the gemstones are specially sourced to create the individual pieces. Once sold, they will most likely not be reproduced. Most of the earrings in the gallery are handmade to order with customer specifications. However, if they are part of the Saskia Shutt Designs collection can also be handmade to order, when purchased through the online shop.

There is usually a 4 to 6 weeks time delay from the time of purchase.

If you would like a pair specially made for you, contact Saskia to discuss your ideas.

If you have seen an item on my website, that is not in my Online Store, please email me or call +32 (0)2 8808251

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