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Saskia Shutt is a Belgian-British jewellery designer who specialises in creating bespoke jewellery in responsibly sourced silver, gold, platinum and gemstones. 100% handmade by Saskia in her workshop in Brussels. 

In consultation, Saskia, will discuss your ideas and wishes to help you create your dream jewellery. You can discuss your ideas by telephone, workshop appointments, and also work via email and Zoom consultations.

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Saskia specialises in personalised commissions, including unique engagement, wedding, eternity rings, and mourning/commemoration jewellery.

Saskia works with Fairmined Eco gold and Fairmined silver to create your jewellery.

“A Journey to the Origins” video recaps Saskia’s journey to the Fairmined Ecological Gold Mines in Peru.

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Celebrating twenty years as a jeweller


Many customers bring their old, broken or unworn precious jewellery into the workshop for remodelling work.

Once the jewellery is dismantled, it can be melted down and reformed into a new jewel.

You now have a completely new piece of jewellery, which still contains all the sentimental value of your old jewellery.

Saskia Shutt Jewellery Brussels
Photographer Nathalie Stroobant

Saskia Shutt

Jewellery Designer & Goldsmith

Saskia Shutt is a Brussels-based designer, who fuses the traditional and contemporary, to create beautiful and timeless jewellery.

Saskia’s bespoke creations are composed of precious metals and gems. Usually working to order, Saskia either remodels customers’ old gold, or sources precious metals and stones herself.

“As a goldsmith, I believe that I have a responsibility towards the artisan precious metals mining communities. Therefore I am an active member of the Ethical Metalsmiths and Fair luxury.  The Ethical Metalsmiths also have a fundraising project “Better without Mercury“. To eradicate the use of mercury in the small scale mining industry. Help us raise the funds needed to eliminate mercury, a toxic product for humans and planet, from the mining industries”. 

Hi Saskia, I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I have so many people and jewellers compliment me on my rings.
Black diamond rose gold engagement and wedding rings
Nicole – USA
November 2017

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