diamond pendant

Diamond for life

Introduction Some of you have already read my first blogpost, “Little pleasure” in my series on “stories behind the jewel” and I hope you enjoyed the read. Diamond for life is a story of grief. As I already mentioned in Little Pleasure, jewellery is made for a variety of very personal reasons. This story is about keeping a lost one close. The...

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Little pleasure

Little pleasure

Personal choices First of all, choosing jewellery is an extremely personal affair. The choices we make, are influenced by our taste, mood, purpose and occasion. For what ever reason, buying jewellery is very specific to each individual... Buying a piece of jewellery from an artisan jeweller like myself, opens other doors. Therefore, you can realize your dream jewel. Customers come to my...

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interview with BRUZZ International

Interview with Bruzz International

My inspiration I love the simplicity of a line or the curve it makes. There is an elegance in the way a line flows, look at a river or a hilly landscape. I believe the design for a jewel should flow easily. The curves and forms are the strength of a jewel's characteristics. The elegance in its simplicity. It makes a statement,...

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certified craftsmanship

Certified craftsmanship

Exciting news Exciting news. Over the summer, I received the label of certified craftsmanship. So, this is what happened... During the month of June 2016, I put together a portfolio of my work and career. It was this portfolio which was sent to the "Ambacht Commissie" (Board for craftsmen). So, after presenting my portfolio and defending my application, I had...

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Design September month First of all, what is Design September. Design September is an organisation with a strong reputation. It engages a multitude of venues to participate within it's various concepts. A yearly event, during the month September. Another exciting time of year in our capital. This event consequently makes Brussels buzz. Most of all, it brings visitors to the...

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Meesterlijk Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Meesterlijk 2015 te Amsterdam

Large oval peridot set as the center gemstone, with pink tourmaline scattered around the heart shaped hand carved silver ring. Meesterlijk Event The month of November is upon us, hence it’s an exiting time at Saskia Shutt Designs. An open door workshop event with Journée de Artisan, on Sunday 22/11. Also an expo with Meesterlijk, the last weekend of November, held in...

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Design September

Design September 2015

Design September 2015 is celebrating it's 10th anniversary August is nearing its end. Summer is prepairing for it's gentle handover into autumn. September is just around the corner. It's a buzzing month, full of exiting cultural events. Design September 2015 sees new attractions on its website. Best design shop lay-out competition to Open Door Studios, exhibitions and guided tours through...

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Birthstone for August

Birthstone for August

Bold solid silver cocktail ring, of-set with a large oval peridot and two small peridots sunk into the silver ring at the base of the central setting on either side of the ring. High polished and textured finish. Elegant silver ring with an 18ct yellow gold rubover setting in the centre. Set in the gold setting is a 7mm round...

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Repair of an heirloom

Jewellery repair Jewellery repair is not something which all jewellers offer as a service. Somtimes, this is due to the fact, that not all jewellery shops have on site jewellery workshops or they don’t have the skilled workforced, to offer a jewellery repair service. Jewellery repair is a specifique skill which not all jewellers have. It is a specialisation within…

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pale pink tourmaline cocktail ring

The chosen silver ring

In the featured image you see a handmade silver ring. It is set with a beautiful large oval shaped, pale pink tourmaline. The tourmaline is 10mm x 12mm in size. It was designed as a cocktail ring. Created for an elegant lady to wear during special events. The success of it’s design lead to a customer commission which was for…

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jewellery sale online

Jewellery sale online

  Jewellery Sale Exciting news… jewellery sale online! Discover which of the jewellery items, in the online shop, have been marked down by 15%. Hurry, as the sale finishes on the 31 July. All jewellery on sale was previously made for a variety of exhibitions and private views throughout 2013 & 2014. Hence these are the last pieces of the...

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International arts crafts design awards

International Arts Crafts Design Awards

The international arts crafts design awards are apon us again Exciting news received today! Saskia Shutt Designs has been nominated by the International Arts Crafts Design Awards 2015. For the second consecutive year, her talent has been recognised by the AC&D Awards. They have invited Saskia to submit 3 pieces of jewellery, to partake in the awards. Her jewellery can...

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handmade wedding rings

Wedding bells & confetti

A Wedding... One can really feel spring is in the air.... The skies are blue, the sun is shining brightly and wedding bells are ringing. This weekend I was delighted to be invited to a friend's wedding, earlier this month they had It is always a special moment when a couple come into my workshop and order their rings... the symbol of...

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New website

New website!

In April 2015, I celebrated 16 years in business, as a jeweller. I thought I would celebrate this event, by giving my website a make-over. You will see that there are exciting new features.  The online shop has been updated and expanded.  You can now follow my jewellery blog, with updates on events, workshop activities and the making of new jewellery.  You can...

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Diamond engagement ring

Customer testimonial

18ct yellow gold engagement ring with white gold rubover setting is set with a 0.35ct princess cut diamond Handmade yellow gold bracelet custom made to match customer's original necklace. As an artist, it is always heart warming to hear that someone appreciates your work.  On occasion, I receive a customer testimonial. An unexpected email arrives in my email box, with...

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Selected Awards

Craft & Design Awards

Images of Saskia Shutt at work in her workshop in the heart of brussels; Top left: checking the gemstone fits the silver rubover collet which she just made Top right: after soldering a post on the earstud. Saskia is sinking the earstud into the cement so she can set the gemstone. Bottom left: Saskia is saw piercing silver sheet in...

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International Arts & Crafts Design made in Awards made in Brussels

International Arts & Crafts Design Awards

Yellow gold ring remodelled from customer's own gold rings. The sapphire in one of the original rings was re-set in the new ring after it was remodelled Arts & Crafts Design Awards 2014 Saskia Shutt Designs is exited to announce that she has recently been nominated to for the International Arts & Crafts Design Awards. In December, the judges will select...

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Handmade bespoke silver jewellery, Topaz Earrings made in Brussels

Topaz birthstone November

Elegant handmade blue topaz drop earrings in silver. November's birthstone. Each month of the year has its own gemstone. According to history there are many theories and we even find different birthstones for the same month. The list of birthstones we are the most acquainted with is the modern list of birthstones, it is far removed from this historical or...

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Saskia Shutt

Salon Made in Belgium

De "Made in Belgium" beurs biedt de bezoekers een weekend lang de kans om 100% belgische producties te ontdekken op eenzelfde plaats! Het uitgebreide en representatieve aanbod, de kwaliteit van de exposanten en de animaties, zorgen er voor dat dit een onmisbaar evenement zal worden. Deze salon brengt exposanten samen, onderandere in de volgende sectoren: Stylisme, design, eetbare producten, artisanale...

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Portes Ouvertes

Open Door Event with Design September 2014

Design September month Brussels is alight with a multitude of events.  Venues, shops, galleries and pop ups are celebrating Design this month.  There will be open door events with Design September all over Brussels.  This weekend is our open door event with Design September! Atelier I share my atelier with Julie Menuge and Ilan Weiss.  Julie is a textile and...

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