Jewellery remodelling. As a result, recycling old into new…

What is jewellery remodelling?

Jewellery remodelling is a technique which can be traced back through the jewellery remodellingcenturies. Precious metal, such as silver and gold are easily melted down and re-used. In the past, the remodelling of jewellery was done for a variety of reasons. Since gold was scares, because it was an expensive commodity. Or looted and consequently needed to be melted down, to transform into new pieces.

Famous remodelled jewellery; The imperial state crown.

Sustainable jewellery

Yet, the  21st century sees a different reason for remodelling precious jewellery. First of all, people have become more aware of their carbon footprint. Therefore, we are more informed of where the base-products come from or how the end product has been produced. Most noteworthy, the demand for eco-friendly products has risen. Consequently, remodelling jewellery is far better for the environment than mining for new gold. So, re-use your old jewellery and transform it into a new unique piece.

Who can remodel jewellery?

Many customers bring their old, broken or unworn precious jewellery into the workshop for remodelling work. Once the jewellery is dismantled, it can then be melted down and reformed into a new jewel. Hence, the customer, now not only has a completely new piece, but also a greener, recycled, eco-friendly and even ethical new piece of jewellery.

The design for the new jewellery is tailored to the customer’s wishes. Saskia works with her customer to create a unique, wearable jewel, while retaining its sentimental value.

Alternatively, if you do not have any  jewellery that could be recycled, commission Saskia for an entirely new piece of jewellery.

Finally, why not browse through the “gold commissions” in the Gallery, to view some of the jewellery created in this way.

Contact Saskia directly to discuss any remodelling ideas you may have.