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Responsibly mined gemstones

Responsible resourcing is important to me, as the jewellery industry is known to have a dark side. It is polluting and heavily taxing the environment in the precious metals and gemstone mining areas.  It is also known for the uneven balance of the miners and mining communities being undervalued and underpaid.

This is why transparency is important to me. I would like my customers to see and understand where my resources come from, and why I choose to work with these companies. Sourcing from small-scale artisanal mining is important and me because in doing so, I (and you) help support these mining communities, not only sustain their income, but also enable fair wages, schooling, and education.

Moyo Gemstones

Moyo Gemstones was originally founded by Stuart Pool CEO of Ninteen48 and Monica Stephenson CEO of ANZA, and recently Piat joined as a partner. 

Moyo Gems is a program to support women miners in Tanzania. I love this project and support it when I can, I tell my customers about this project during consultations when discussing their jewellery ideas. 


amethyst silver pendant
Handmade pendant in Fairmined silver and set with a 4.53ct amethyst from Moyo Gems, a women gemstone mining project in Tanzania.
Fairmined silver and gemstone ring
Commission: Hand-carved in wax and cast in Fairmined silver, set with a Moyo gemstone aquamarine and two small diamonds from Ocean Diamonds
Fairmined gold and Moyo gemstone diamond ring
Handmade ring in Fairmined white gold and set with a Moyo gemstone garnet and a diamond on either side -One diamond from Ocean Diamonds, and the other is the customer's second life diamond

Ocean Diamonds

Discovered in the ocean, evoking personal memories of the sea for the wearer.

Responsibly sourced by divers who leave minimal trace on the environment. Diamonds that have experienced an incredible journey from land to river to sea over billions of years. Certified provenance from the ocean, with a location map. Our diamond divers venture out when the weather is calm, occurring a couple of times a month. 

Using a small boat, these local divers set out during the day, they anchor less than a kilometre from the shore, and dive in a water depth between 0-12 metres. They stay out a similar length of time as an inshore fisherman would and return home at the end of the day. The equipment on the boats is made by people in the local communities. Some teams don›t use a boat at all and the divers swim into the water straight off the shore.

Fairmined silver and gemstone ring
Commission: Hand-carved in wax and cast in Fairmined silver, set with a Moyo gemstone aquamarine and two small diamonds from Ocean Diamonds
Ocean Diamonds
Green tourmaline and diamond engagement ring
Bespoke commission: Green tourmaline from Brazil and Ocean Diamond in a Fairmined eco yellow gold ring

Diamonds For Peace

Diamonds for Peace is a non-profit organisation supporting diamond miners in Liberia. 

This foundation was set up by Ms. Chie Murakami in 2014. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Chie Murakami and Ms. Maki Yamagishi.

I am also a supporter of DFP you can also get involved by making a one-off donation or a monthly contribution.

Responsible Diamond Mining Workshop held in December 2022
Responsible jewellery resources. Ethical jewellery practices
From left to right: Céline Rose David (gemologist), Chie Murakami (founder and executive director) Maki Yamagishi (director)
Basic Training on Rough Diamond Grading and Valuation (participants are discussing the approximate shape and quality of polished diamond out of a rough).

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