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Jewellery Commissions

jewellery created just for you

Have a unique piece of jewellery created for you!

Jewellery commissions are welcome at Saskia Shutt Designs. Stand out from the crowd and wear a unique piece of jewellery. Have something very personal created for you to wear with pride and joy.

Saskia specialises in jewellery commissions

Saskia works closely with clients to realise their dream piece.  Have your design created in precious metals and colourful gemstones, specially sourced by Saskia herself. 

All gold and silver jewellery is made with Fairmined precious metals.

J’ai oublié de te contacter dimanche comme promis. Sorry. Susan adore sa bague. Et moi aussi. Merci encore! Rappelle-moi le nom des 2 petites pierres stp. J’ai oublié. Merci et une très bonne soirée,
silver ring
M – Belgium
October 2017
ethical wedding rings
18ct yellow Fairmined Eco gold. His is brushed finished & hers is randomly set with responsibly mined Australian natural cognac diamonds

Responsfully Sourced

Fair trade eco-friendly and responsibly sourced

Commission your unique engagement, wedding, commitment and eternity rings. In Fairmined gold or recycled resourced platinum.

The exploitation of natural resources, the mining communities, and the eco-systems are issues which are being tackled within the jewellery industry, by consumer demand. People are aware of the human rights en environmental issues involved at the source of this industry. 

Currently, within the many global debates raging about what should be done to address these problems, there is an increasingly vocal demand for “ethical gold” which supports the artisan small-scale mining communities, gender-equality, fair wage and rehabilitation of the surrounding local fauna and flora.

A new generation of socially conscious jewellery consumers are demanding a more ethical alternative. Responsibly mined precious metals and gemstones is a response to these demands and that is why Fairmined silver and gold is more expensive.

Projects like Moyo Gemstones and Diamonds for Peace, or non profit organisations like Fairmined are growing with the growing consumer demand for fair trade. 

Jewellery commissions take approximately 6 weeks to make, from date of purchase.

Recycled precious metals

I have made the conscious choice to no longer use recycled resourced gold or silver. Only my palladium and platinum are of recycled origin, as there are no other options so far. 

The reason for my choice is as follows, in the case of gold, recycling does not contribute to waste reduction, because precious metals (gold in particular) are not wasted, we do not throw them away, nor does it allow for the support of livelihood-enhancing responsible mining.

Please remember that recycling gold does not mean reducing new mining activities (you can read more in an article I wrote for the Source blog), as gold is linked to the stock markets and currency, so there will always be a demand for new gold. Another substantial reason for not working in recycled gold and silver is the illegal mining aspect. The illegally mined gold disappears in with the recycled gold, as the definition of what recycled gold should be, is far too broad and left open for interpretation. Another article written by Christina Malle for the Source looks deeper into the definition of recycled gold

All these reasons are why recycling gold is not the greener or ecological option and not even a sustainable one, because if we only focus on recycling precious metals, where will that leave the approximately 14 million people, worldwide, who rely on artisanal small-scale mining? Shouldn’t we focus on working to help the miners live and work in better conditions, receive correct wages, and work towards mining responsibly, without toxic chemicals, and in a circular economy? Just look at Fairmined and how they support the artisanal small-scale mining communities in exactly that way.

sapphire gold engagement ring
18ct recycled resourced yellow gold & set with a responsibly mined sapphire from Madagascar


Your jewellery transformed by Saskia in her workshop in Brussels

If you have old gold jewellery at home, you can also have this melted down and remodelled. This is also a form of recycling, but for me, remodelling is not the same as recycling because the motivation comes from sentimental value. It is existing jewellery being transformed into a new piece of jewellery.

Clients can visit her Brussels-based workshop. For a consultation, please contact Saskia and make an appointment.

During the consultation, you can discuss your ideas and wishes with her. If having your own special jewellery created, seems daunting, but it is something that you have always dreamt about, don’t worry, Saskia will walk you through her step-by-step process to help you realise your ideas.

Make an appointment with Saskia to discuss your remodelling ideas.

Even een mailtje om je te laten weten dat ik twee enthousiaste klanten van je ken 🙂 ze zijn lovend 🙂 Ze doen je de groetjes
wedding rings
Nathalie -België
Augustus 2017

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