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Jewellery repair

Jewellery repair is not something which all jewellers offer as a service. Sometimes, this is due to the fact, that not all jewellery shops have on-site jewellery workshops or they don’t have a skilled workforce, to offer a jewellery repair service.

Jewellery repair is a specific skill which not all jewellers have. It is a specialisation within the jewellery trade. I was lucky enough to free-lance for a jeweller in the Brighton Lanes. They offered a jewellery repair service. During my time there I was taught this skill of repairing jewellery.

Sometimes jewellery has such a strong sentimental tie, that remodelling it would not be appropriate. Last week I had such a ring in my workshop. The customer had inherited a gold ring from her mother and she, in her turn, wanted to hand it down to the next generation.
Unfortunately, there was a little diamond missing and it needed replacing. In checking the gold ring in more detail, there was a second diamond about to fall out and the sapphire in the centre was loose. In the case of the sapphire, the little claws holding it needed tightening, which is a simple task. It is the re-tipping of the gold claws, which have worn down over the years, which is the hard part.

I had to draw down new 18ct gold wire. File the old claw to match it up with the newly drawn down gold wire. Solder the 2 together. Once both new claws where in place, I had to shape them to match the design of the ring. The diamonds where reset. My customer was happy that she is now able to hand down an in-tacked sapphire & diamond gold ring to the next generation.

jewellery repair Brussels

Antique 18ct yellow gold ring set with a sapphire and diamond cluster with engraved fancy detailing in the shoulders of the ring.

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