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Pink Tourmaline earstuds

Pink tourmaline stud-earrings

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Pink tourmaline earstuds

Handmade in Fairmined silver and pink tourmaline earstuds. The earrings are set with deep pink, trillion-shaped pink tourmaline measuring 5mm x 5mm x 5mm. On the backs of the earrings are lightweight scrolls. the earrings are finished in a high-polish finish. The tourmalines in this pair of earrings, slightly differ in tone, one is slightly darker than the other, depending on how they catch the light, hence the 20 percent reduction.

What is Fairmined silver?

Fairmined is a non-profit organisation. Do you know that fair silver mining does not exist? Consequently, there is no Fairmined silver, right? Wrong… Fairmined silver is a bi-product of Fairmined gold mining, therefore it is scarce and far more precious. Per 1 kilo of Fairmined gold, there is approximately 125grams of Fairmined silver.


Tourmaline gemstones are found in an amazing variation of colours. A family group of minerals with a wide variety of properties. Pink tourmalines are the most popular colour and even here the pink varies from pale to dark, or vibrant and deep intensity.

Today it is known as the birthstone for October. Tourmaline is associated with compassion, healing and friendship.

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