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Jewellery Gift Voucher Platinum

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This jewellery gift voucher PLATINUM is a versatile way to purchase a present for someone.

Jewellery is very personal, hence, it is not always easy to buy for someone else. So why not surprise someone with a gift voucher from Saskia Shutt Designs. Therefore, giving the perfect gift. But most of all, the recipient can have something completely custom made to their taste.

The platinum voucher has a value of 500€ and is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Each voucher has a precious metal name, which corresponds with a currency value in euros. Naming the vouchers “silver”, “gold”, “platinum” and “diamond” is more discreet than adding the currency directly onto the gift voucher.  The voucher can only be used when purchasing or commissioning a piece of jewellery from my workshop, during my private views or any exhibition that I am attending.

Customers exchange these vouchers for jewellery of the same value.  Only valid at Saskia Shutt Designs. The voucher can not be exchanged for money, nor receive cashback.

What is platinum?

Platinum is an extremely rare metal. It is mostly used in the jewellery industry due to its silver-like colour. It is a lustrous silvery-white precious metal, possibly discovered around 600BC. In Spanish, platinum translates into platino, meaning “little silver”.

Have any questions about the gift vouchers? Please contact Saskia directly for more information.


*VAT is included and will be calculated once you are in the checkout area
**This Voucher will be sent for free BUT there is a shipping fee which will be calculated in the checkout area, as the piece of jewellery will need shipping to the person once finished

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