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Interview with Bruzz International

interview with BRUZZ International

My inspiration

I love the simplicity of a line or the curve it makes. There is an elegance in the way a line flows, look at a river or a hilly landscape. I believe the design for a jewel should flow easily. The curves and forms are the strength of a jewel’s characteristics. The elegance in its simplicity. It makes a statement, should say something about the wearer. It should be bold, the focal point of an outfit. So, put all these elements together and it suggests sculptural forms, shapes and curves. I would describe my jewellery as sculptural, with elegant flowing lines, accentuated by a textured surface or a coloured gemstone.

My interview with BRUZZ International

During Spring break, the local tv station visited my workshop. Journalist and documentarist José Huedo filmed me at work in my workshop. As he filmed, we talked about who I am and what I do and where I get my inspiration for my jewellery designs. The short film gives a good introduction to how I work and create unique pieces of jewellery for individual clients. To view my interview, click on this link for BRUZZ International

TV star

I enjoyed my interview with BRUZZ International and I am proud of how they conveyed my story on tv.

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