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Fairmined Eco Gold and Gemstone Ring

An ecological gold showstopping cocktail ring

Sold; if you like this ring, a similar design can be made to order, with the colour gold (white, rosé, or yellow) and gemstones of your choosing.

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About The Ring

This unique certified Fairmined eco gold and gemstone ring is handmade in Brussels.  Firstly, the design for the ring is first carved in wax. Using the lost wax casting technique, it is cast in Fairmained Eco gold. It’s the shapes and colours of the gemstones themselves, which inspired the ring design. Combing different coloured gemstones in jewellery, is something I love doing. Making them more unique.

About The Gemstones

Beautifully trillian-cut vibrant olive-coloured Sphene or titanite. Three small deep pink sapphires are also set into the ring. Above all, the gemstones are certifiably, responsibly mined in Madagascar.

Madagascar is the main mining area for the Sphene. Although, it is also be mined in Brazil, Mexico, Myanmar, Austria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the USA. Its colouration ranges from olive-green to bright green, to yellowy-green.

The pink sapphires are also mined in Madagascar. However, they are also mined in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. For a long time, pink sapphires were considered rarer. As it was only recently, in the 1990s, that they found pink sapphires in Madagascar.

About Fairmined Eco Gold

This ring is made using certified Fairmined Eco gold. What is eco gold exactly? This is gold that is mined by artisanal small-scale miners, without using toxic chemicals like mercury or cyanide.

Who are Fairmined? This is a non-profit organization, specialising in the fair trade of predominantly gold, but also silver. Fairmined Eco gold ensures that it is ecologically mined, without the use of toxic chemicals, adheres to gender equality, correct wages for the miners, and rehabilitation of the native ecosystems.

Fairmined gold is also traceable to the mine, due to the transparency in the blockchain from mine to market. The gold in this ring is certified from the Oro Puno mine in Peru.

For ring size & price inquiries, or to have a piece of jewellery handmade especially for you, please contact Saskia directly

Provenance Proof

This ring is traceable on Provenance Proof Blockchain. Now that this ring has been sold, the Provenance Proof page is no longer publicly visible, as it was transferred to the client.

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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