engagement rings

Une bague de fiançailles sertie d’un diamant noir et de petits diamants blancs et une bague de mariage sertie des petits diamants blancs

Hi Saskia

Just when you thought you got rid of me 😉  I just wanted to say hello and tell you that  I have so many people and jewelers compliment me on my rings.  Sometime in 2018 I want you to make me a bracket and earrings. I hope you are doing well.

Take Care,

Nicole – USA

November 2017

bague argent

Une bague en argent en forme de spirale, serti avec une aigue-marine au milieu et 2 petites topazes bleues aux extrémités

Hello Saskia,

J’ai oublié de te contacter dimanche comme promis. Sorry.
Susan adore sa bague. Et moi aussi.
Merci encore !
Rappelle-moi le nom des 2 petites pierres stp. J’ai oublié.
Merci et une très bonne soirée,

M – Belgium

Octobre 2017

bagues de marriage, bague d´alliance

Une bague de mariage faite à la main en or rose et une bague de mariage faite à la main en or jaune qui suis parfaitement les contoures de sa bague de fiançailles.

Hi saskia

Even een mailtje om je te laten weten dat ik twee enthousiaste klanten van je ken 🙂 ze zijn lovend 🙂

Ze doen je de groetjes

Nathalie -België

Augustus 2017

wedding rings

Deux bagues de mariage; un en or jaune et un en platine

Hi Saskia

Thanks again for the beautiful  wedding bands you have made for us. The rings look exactly how we imagined them and we can’t wait to wear them very soon!

Barbara & Steve – Belgium

February 2017

gold earrings

Boucles d’oreilles en or, retravaillé et transformées des ancien bijoux du client

Dag Saskia,

Ik draag ze met plezier!

Nathalie – België

November 2016

wedding rings

Bagues de marriage en or rose

Hi Saskia,

Thanks for all the work and attention you are giving to these rings. It feels like one of the few payments we’re making for this wedding that will actually endure! So we’re very glad to have you looking after it.

All best,

Neil – Belgium

May 2016

handmade white gold ring with peridot

Bague de fiançailles en or blanc sertie avec un péridot

Dear Saskia,

The proposal went really really well and my girlfriend absolutely loved the ring!

Thank you

Mirco – Belgium

April 2016

diamond platinum engagelent ring

bague de fiançailles en platine sertie avec un diamant de 1.25ct

Hi Saskia,

The ring is absolutely stunning and she is totally in love with it. She’s amazed with the craftsmanship that went into making it. It’s perfect, and I must say when I see it on her finger it looks huge.

Thank you so much for helping me on my mission and putting in all that extra effort to get the ring just right. I’m lucky all the planning came together just fine, even the weather cooperated.

Steve – Belgium

March 2016

Bracelet serti avec des grenats

Hand forged solid silver bangle set with 3x 4mm garnets

Dear Saskia,

I wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful bangle that you made for my daughter.  I love the design you added to the arrow tips (the feather part); it is my daughter’s favorite part of the bangle.  She has realized that she can wear it either with the arrow on top of her wrist or the garnets, so that it has 2 different styles.

I believe she will cherish this bangle and it will become an heirloom.  Thank you again for such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Paula – Belgium

August 2015

Pendantif en argent avec peridot briolette

Dear Saskia,

I received a beautiful peridot pendant necklace from Saskia Shutt’s Jewelry company for my birthday. I love how it is unique and I have received many compliments on its design. Thank you for your well designed piece of jewelry. I highly recommend her custom designed jewelry pieces.

Dr. Joy Bate – USA

August 2015


handmade gold jewellery

“I’ve commissioned work from Saskia Shutt on four occasions and it’s not hard to explain why I keep returning to her. As well as being highly-skilled and creative, she is always responsive to the customer’s requirements and ideas. Over the last few years, she has produced wedding bands, a diamond ring, a brooch and a bracelet for me. All have been fantastic. I strongly recommend Saskia and her work.”

Paul – UK

December 2014

Ensemble de pendentif et bague

“De eerste keer dat ik de mooie juwelen van Saskia Shutt mocht ontdekken, was bij het huwelijk van vrienden waar ze de trouwringen ontworpen had. Ik viel direct voor de zuivere vormgeving, het pure, het robuuste, en het kleurgebruik van de (half)edelstenen.
Mijn ‘oude’ juwelen die al jaren ongedragen in een doosje lagen, heeft zij getransformeerd in 2 prachtige stukken die op maat ontworpen werden en waarbij er samen beslist werd over de afwerking. De ring heeft een mooie pasvorm en – zelfs al heb ik kleine handjes- staat me ongelooflijk mooi. Ook de hanger is een topstuk, een staaltje vakmanschap, echt.
In de loop van de voorbije maanden is mijn collectie aangevuld met een paar discrete en delicate oorbelletjes.
Saskia Shutt is een topontwerper, professioneel voelt haar klanten echt aan. Dank je wel Saskia, ik hoop in de toekomst nog meer van je stukken te mogen dragen.”

Ilse – België

Februari 2014

Diamond engagement ring

Bague de fiançailles, fait à la main, en or jaune et sertie avec un diamant carré

Hi Saskia,

Thanks again for the great job you did on Helen’s diamond ring. She’s still walking around with a big smile on her face.

Paul – UK

June 2013


Bagues de mariage

Bagues de mariage et de fiançailles, fait à la main et sertie avec une opale australienne

“Thanks Saskia – the rings are fabulous and I’m so pleased with the opal! They feel so comfortable. I always have to take the opal ring off, as everyone wants to play with the opal and put it up to the light. Hope all is well. The very lucky owner.”

Kate – UK

November 2010

Remodelling of my ring

“Wow! What a lovely ring you’ve made for me… thank you so much.

The sapphire looks enormous compared to the way it looked on the original ring… are you sure it’s the same stone?!  You have made me another most beautiful piece of jewellery and I’m so very grateful, Saskia, and the presentation box just sets it off to perfection.  Not only have I got a gem of a ring, you are a GEM for making something so beautiful for me to wear with pride.

I do hope your business prospers, you so deserve it.”

Nina – UK