Birthstone for the month September

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month September.  They say that it is the gemstone of wisdom, loyalty and nobility.  Blue sapphire has been the symbol for nobility and faithfulness for centuries.  The garments of the nobility were adorned with blue Sapphires. A little gemmological info on the birthstone of September Sapphire is a popular gemstone, … Read more

Mode Parcours 2013

My next exhibition will be under the umbrella of Mode Parcours 2013. My work will be on display at Lowi, 124 rue de Flandres, 1000 Bruxelles. My inspiration for this collection came from the silver screen film diva’s of the past… I took my inspiration from Louise Brooks. To help me set the scene for … Read more

Art Deco Ring

Art Deco ring repair

I recently repaired an 18ct gold ring for a customer, with platinum detail and diamonds set in the platinum.

Des mariages magiques: Le mariage druidique

S’il est une manière de se marier pleine de magie, c’est bien le mariage celtique, ou druidique. Les voeux se renouvellent chaque année, au pied d’un bel arbre choisi par le druide et les époux. Une cérémonie pleine de féerie… Un échange de voeux sous le symbole de la nature, et baigné des 4 éléments. … Read more

Tomorrowland 2013

Tomorrowland Ring

Saskia Shutt was recently commissioned to make a signet ring for the Official Trailer for the Tomorrowland festival. The ring had to be bold, rustic and made of “gold” with the Tomorrowland trailer engraved in it. This year the festival is themed “TomorrowWorld” and takes its inspiration from the fairy tails of Lord of the … Read more

555 Days

JoyaBrussels 555 DAYS

  JoyaBrussels is inviting you to join them in celebrating the 555the day that their jewellery gallery is open for business! Come and view the beautiful jewellery on display, whilst sipping a glass of bubbles and meeting the designers Saskia Shutt has a collection of her work available for purchase at JoyaBrussels. To mark this … Read more

Interview Link

Saskia Shutt

I was recently interviewed by “Jewel’s Advocate” please click on the link to read the short article and much more…

Saskia Shutt presents at MODO Parcours

MODO 2012

In less than 2 weeks Saskia Shutt will be exhibiting her jewellery at the 2012 MODO Parcours! This is a yearly event where more than 60 young talented Belgian designers are able to show case their latest collection in the window displays of designer boutiques in the heart of Brussels. For this year’s MODO event, … Read more

Design September

Saskia Shutt

During the whole month of September (the month of Design September) the public can view innovative design throughout the city of Brussels! During that month the weekend of 14 & 15 September in the OPEN DOOR event, where designers open their workshop doors to the public…

My Facebook page!

Saskia Shutt

For those of you interested in following me on FB, I have a FB jewellery page and you can find me either on clicking on the FB icon on my website or look me up on FB under my user name Please feel free to browse my FB page and receive weekly updates on new … Read more


Saskia Shutt has recently been working on a new pendant collection to complement her single & double coil collection of coil rings, which she continues to expand. The designs for the pendant collection is also a coil shape inspired by the single coil ring… The pendant coil forms have the basic same shape but each … Read more

Result of the Dag van de ambachten/Journée de l’Artisan

Saskia Shutt

Sunday was a very successful day despite the minus temperature and the icy roads… People, all over the country, braved the cold and visited the open workshops and studios of the participating craftsmen. My workshop was bustling with visitors and enthusiasts… I even had a fellow jeweller come and chat to me and see how I … Read more

Dag van de Ambachten/Journee de l’Artisan: Sunday, Feb 5, 2012

Dag vd Ambacht

Saskia Shutt is participating in the day of the Craftsmen organised across the whole of Belgium. Craftsmen & women will be opening their workshop/studios across the country to the general public. This yearly event will take place on Sunday 5th February 2012. Please visit the website for more information : People can come and watch demonstrations, … Read more

Symbolism… rings… sanctity of marriage & unity…

Ilse Mas Wedding Rings

Saskia Shutt Jewellery recently made a pair of wedding rings made from one piece. Customers who stepped into the union of marriage on the 8 May 2011 and they wanted the figure 8 to play a major part on the marriage day. They picked the number 8 as a symbol, a sign for unity, the … Read more

Radio Interview with FM Brussel

Kate and Prince William

Saskia Shutt Jewellery was interviewed by FM Brussel, Brussels’ most listened to Flemish radio station!!! The week running up to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, FM Brussel’s topic was “where to go to create to perfect wedding day in Brussels. Saskia Shutt Jewellery was chosen for the must-have wedding ring designs and … Read more

New year… new venture!

Saskia Shutt Jewellery is proud to announce the launch of her new online shop! At the end of January Saskia attached an online shop to her website, which sells beautiful bold pieces of silver jewellery. It is a limited range of jewellery which can be purchased online via PayPal. The pieces advertised in the online … Read more

The Brussels Christmas Market!

Xmas market

Come and soak up the Christmas atmosphere in the heart of Brussels… Start your Christmas shopping experience at the Grand place. Take in the stunning sight of the Norwegian Christmas tree and wonder down the cobble stone streets to the Bourse. Enjoy the medley of Christmas sights, sound, smells and taste of mulled wine, hot … Read more

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