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Teal earrings

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Teal Earrings

Sweet teal earrings handmade in certified Fairmined silver. Dangly earrings no hooks. These earrings are set with teal tourmalines from responsible mining.

Simple and elegant. Easy to wear.

Are silver and teal not the colour you are looking for? Contact Saskia directly to discuss possibilities and prices quotes

Teal Tourmalines

Tourmalines come in an array of colours. In fact, you could say that they come in all colours of the rainbow.  Teal tourmaline occur naturally.

What is Fairmined Silver?

A non-profit organatisation. Supporting local artisanal small-scale mining.

Fairmined silver is very rare, due to the fact that there are no fair or responsible silver mines in the world. So, where does Fairmined silver come from? It is actually a bi-product from the certified Fairmined gold mines in Colombia. For every kilo of gold mined, there can be approximately 125 grams of silver, therefore Fairmined silver is very precious.

Certified Fairmined silver is tracked and traced through the Fairmined connect system, which monitors that all purchased Fairmined gold is accounted for from mine to market. The licensed jewellers and wholesalers are required to fill in the Fairmined connect system twice a year or we lose our license.

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Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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