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Six Claw Diamond Ring

Elegant solitaire diamond engagement ring

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Six claw solitaire ring

This six-claw diamond ring is handmade in certified Fairmined eco gold. The ring is made in 18ct yellow gold D-section wire. the 6 claws are built up in 1mm round wire. The ring is polished to a high polish finish and set with a 0.25ct lab-grown diamond.

Six claws versus four claws. For this design, I chose to make a six-claw setting for this six-claw diamond ring. Usually, a six-claw setting is made for the larger diamond, but I think it is a cute-looking design for a smaller diamond.

Lab-grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds? These are man-made diamonds that are grown in a factory lab instead of naturally deep underground, like natural diamonds.

Lab-grown or synthetic diamonds are man-made diamonds. The diamond in this six claw diamond ring is therefore man-made.

Ring size

The ring is a European size 50 UK size “K” US size 5,5

If you would like the ring in a different ring size then it will be made to order and take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact Saskia directly to discuss the possibilities

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