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Silver gemstone brooch

249.00 excl. tax



Unique silver gemstone brooch pin, which can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Handmade Stirling silver pin. The setting is hand formed and soldered together, before soldering them onto the long silver pin. It is an elegant pin which can be worn in your hair or as a brooch, it is also very decorative in a hat. The brooch is set with a pear shape peridot of 11mm long and 8mm wide and a 3mm round pink tourmaline. The length of the silver pin is approximately 10cm long and 2.5mm thick.


As the pin is slightly thicker than normal for a brooch, it could be more easily used as a pin for a hat. This would not only make the pin a lovely accessory, but it also makes it a functional object. Traditionally a hatpin is 20cm in lenght, but this pin have been designed as a decorative object, rather than functional.


This type of pin can also easily be worn in ones hair. Once the hair is tied and pinned into place, the brooch/pin can be insterted into the hair as decoration. A simple yet effective accessory.

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