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Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

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Solitaire ring

Salt and pepper diamond ring handmade in certified Fairmined eco gold ring. The ring is made in 14ct yellow gold D-section wire. The rubover setting frames the salt and pepper diamond perfectly. High polish finish and set with a 0.30ct salt and pepper diamond.

The diamond comes from responsible diamond mining in Botswana, supplied by the London-based husband and wife team at Shangrila gems.

Salt and pepper Diamonds

Most diamonds have flaws known as inclusions. Inclusions are an array of things. Black or white specks, different shapes, sizes, and colours. “Salt and Pepper” is the commercial term, referring to the white and black inclusions inside the diamonds, giving them a greyish colouration. These diamonds are not graded like white diamonds, which we see in jewellery worldwide.

Consequently, I love inclusions. Making them more interesting, and each gemstone unique.

Ring size

I will make it to order, taking approximately 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the availability of the salt and pepper diamond. Contact Saskia directly to discuss possibilities.

Fairmined Eco Gold

What is Fairmined eco gold exactly? To sum up, it is gold, mined by artisanal small-scale miners, without using toxic chemicals like mercury or cyanide.

Who are Fairmined? A non-profit organization. Fairmined Eco gold ensures mining without the use of toxic chemicals, adheres to gender equality, correct wages for the miners, and rehabilitation of the native ecosystems. Certified Fairmined gold is tracked and traced through the Fairmined connect system. In other words, a systems which monitors all purchased Fairmined gold is accounted for from mine to market. The licensed jewellers, wholesalers and mines are required to fill in the Fairmined connect system twice a year or we loose our license. Conclusion, certified Fairmined gold is traceable from mine to market.

The gold in this ring is certified from the Oro Puno Fairmined mine in Peru, which I subsequently visited in May 2022.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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