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Pink tourmaline silver bangle

Bold solid silver bangle set with 3 pink tourmaline.


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Dark pink tourmaline silver bangle. Solid silver 6mm square wire bangle which tapers into round wire towards the ends of the bangle. The top of the bangle has 3x 4mm round pink pink tourmaline flush set into the metal. High polished finish.

This bangle is not a cuff, as the opening is too small to slip over the wrist. it is not adjustable or flexible. However, the circumference of the bangle is oval (not round, as most bangles are) so it slips tighter over the hand and due to it’s oval shape, it sits more snug around the wrist.


Tourmaline exists in a wide variety of colour. It is the gemstone with the widest colour range. Read about the quality factors for lovely gem on the GIA website.

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