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Open ended Fairmined silver ring

Bold gender-neutral silver ring for all occasions.

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Open-ended Fairmined silver ring

Large hand-carved open-ended Fairmined silver ring.  High polish and texture finish.  Both ends of the ring are shaped in a slightly bowed triangular form. From the triangular ends tapering into a flat wide band, fitting comfortably on the finger.

The width at the base of the triangle is approximately 9mm and it tapers down to approximately 6mm wide at the back of the ring. The weight of the ring is approximately 25gr.

Most of all, specify the correct ring size when placing your order.

All jewellery is handmade to order, hence delivery time will take around 4 weeks from the date of purchase.

This ring has a matching pendant in Fairmined silver.

What is Fairmined Eco Gold?

A non-profit organatisation. Supporting local artisanal small-scale mining. No use of toxic chemicals like mercury or cyanide. Supporting the rehabilitation of the native eco-systems. Certified Fairmined gold and silver are tracked and traced through the Fairmined connect system. Therefore, monitoring all purchasing of certified Fairmined gold and silver, an account from mine to market. The licensed jewellers and wholesalers are required to fill in the Fairmined connect system twice a year or we lose our license.

*VAT and postage are not included, they are calculated in the checkout area.

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Weight 30 g
Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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