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Heart Charm

Cute silver heart charm handmade in Fairmined silver or Fairmined Eco gold.

Approximately 1cm in size.

The perfect stocking filler for Christmas and at the same time you are supporting one of the 287 projects “De Warmste Week” is supporting.

All proceeds go to DWW fund.

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Heart Charm

Sweet handmade in certified Fairmined silver or Fairmined eco gold heart charm of 1cm. This charm is made in aid of “De Warmste Week“. All proceeds go to the DWW fund.

Simple and elegant. Easy to wear. You can choose to have it hanging from a red ribbon or make an appointment, so I can hang it on your own chain.

What is “De warmste Week”?

Warmest Week is VRT’s (the Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Association) solidarity campaign, organised annually in the week before Christmas, from 18 to 24 December. All the money raised goes to the DWW fund, which is managed by the Koning Boudewijnstichting (King Baudouin Foundation)

Discover the 287 projects we are supporting with The Warmest Week this year. These projects provide safer places for children and young people, at home, at school, in their leisure time, and online. Because everyone deserves to grow up without worries.

What is Fairmined Silver?

Fairmined silver is very rare. This is due to the fact that there are no fair or responsible silver mines in the world. So where does Fairmined silver come from? It is actually a bi-product from the certified Fairmined gold mines in Colombia. For every kilo of gold mined, there can be approximately 125 grams of silver, therefore Fairmined silver is very precious.

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Silver, 14ct Gold, 18ct Gold

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