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Gold Chain Bracelet

Dainty gold bracelet for every occasion.

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Gold Bracelet

Gold chain bracelet, completely handmade. A unique bracelet is handmade in 18ct rosé certified Fairmined eco gold. The reason this chain is handmade is that it is rare to find a supplier who sells certified Fairmined Eco gold chains. Therefore I chose to make the wire for the links by hand and link all the chain links individually; The catch and charm are also handmade in certified Fairmined Eco gold.


At one end of the gold chain bracelet is a charm. One side is stamped with the compulsory hallmarks and the other side is left blank. If you so wish, you could have a personalised engraving put on it or maybe have a little diamond set into it (extra fee depends on the type of stone or the intricacy of the engraving). For more details on personalisation, please contact Saskia directly via email.

What is Fairmined Eco gold?

Fairmined Eco gold is mining without using toxic chemicals, like mercury and cyanide.  In short, detrimental to man and the environment. Fairmined Eco stands for Ecological, rehabilitation of native ecosystems and has additional requirements in place to minimize ecological disruption.


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