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Fairmined Silver Rutile Sapphire Ring

Gold rutile sapphire cocktail ring.

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Rutile Sapphire Ring

This design for this certified Fairmined silver rutile sapphire ring was hand-carved as a wax model before casting it in silver. The wax is carved specifically for this particular gemstone, as each stone is unique. Around the base of the stone are four Fairmined yellow gold prongs holding the gold rutile sapphire.

Can the ring be made to any specific ring size? The answer is yes, but this means that the ring has to be recarved and new gemstones need to be sourced. In this case, it also means that the price of the ring may change.

There are three gemstones in this ring. A 2.40ct oval-shaped sapphire originating from Madagascar. The sphene has little inclusions which are found naturally in the stone. Inclusions are little impurities, which makes each gemstone unique.  All three gemstones are from responsible ASM (Artisanal Small-scale Mining).

What are rutile needles?

Rutile is a form of inclusion. These are the fine, rutile needles that create the sleepy transparency of some sapphires. They appear in groups and look like striations in the stone; for this reason, they are often referred to as needles.

Ring sizing

This ring is a size 54 European size. You can purchase this ring in your ring size, just state your size in the additional comments when during the purchase process. Remember, if the ring size is incorrect, then the ring has to be made again and as they are each handmade, they may not be identical.

If you are unsure about the correct ring size, then contact Saskia directly.

Provenance Proof

This ring is traceable on Provenance Proof Blockchain. Once this ring is purchased, the Provenance Proof certificate will be transferred to you via email.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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