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Fairmined silver Knife-edge gold dot ring

Bold silver and gold leaf ring in a polished finish. Great for everyday wear, and the design is genderfluid

You can have this ring made to order, in your size. Please contact Saskia directly for more details.

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The Gold Dot Ring

This is a certified Fairmined silver knife-edge gold dot ring. Hand-carved in wax and cast in certified Fairmined silver. The solid silver ring, shaped from a wide band at the back, tapered into a knife-edge at the front of the ring.  Comfortable to wear between the fingers.  High-polished finish with gold leaf sunk into holes drilled into the sides of the knife-edge.

The original design dates from 2010. For the purpose of the Milano Jewelry Week 2022, the finishing of the ring is redesigned into the Fairmined silver knife-edge gold dot ring. The gold dots give a different dimension to the overall look and ads colour without using gemstones, which is also a possibility (price will vary depending on the choice and amount of gemstones).

Carving Process

The ring design is first drawn onto a block of wax and then the shape is hand-carved out of the block. Once the knife-edge design is achieved, the wax is cast into silver.

Most of all, specify the correct ring size when placing your order. If you have any sizing questions, contact Saskia directly

Please allow for approximately 4 to 6 weeks of delivery time, as they are handmade to order.


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