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Fairmined silver curve ring

Asymmetrical, gender-neutral ring

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Fairmined Silver Ring

The certified Fairmined silver curve ring is hand-carved in wax and cast in Fairmined silver, using the lost wax casting technique. The Fairmined silver curve ring is finished in a high polished and then planished (hammered) finish.

What is Fairmined?

Fairmined is a non-profit organisation. Do you know that fair silver mining does not exist? Consequently, there is no Fairmined silver, right? Wrong, Fairmined silver is a bi-product of Fairmined gold mining, therefore it is scarce and far more precious. Per 1 kilo of Fairmined gold, there is apporximately 125grams of Fairmined silver.

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Weight 28 g
Saskia Shutt Fairmined license
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