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Enameled angel wing pendant

Elegant angel wing pendant

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The Pendant

Girly enameled angel wing pendant.  Handmade in Stirling silver. It has been domed to give the pendant more volume hence it sways slightly when wearing it.  Pink translucent enamel is inserted in each indent. The angel wing pendant is suspended from silver trace chain. The end of the chain has a custom made silver catch.  High polish finish. Truly a unique piece.

The wing itself has been completely hand sawn out of a silver sheet. As the total length of the wing is 5cm, therefore the thickness is 2mm.  Consequently, the proportions of the wing are in balance. Looped through the back of the wing is an elegant silver trace chain and is 16 inches (UK) or 40,5cm (EU) in length.  Also, as I am registered with the London Assay Office, therefore the pendant is hallmarked with the British hallmark.

Furthermore, this pendant was inspired by the logo of Charitic Angels and was created for one of it’s charity Christmas fundraising events.

Charitic Angels

Charitic Angels was created in 2004 by Sonia Henrion and they are a non-profit organization. They raise funds through means of organizing events; artistic, sporting and festive. Each year one or more different organizations are chosen for which Charitic Angles raise funds. Most noteworth, Charitic Angels choose childrens’ organizations as their heartfelt objective for their fundraising.

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