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Diamond stud earrings

Sparkly diamond earstuds

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Diamond stud earrings, handmade in solid 18ct white gold. These little ear-studs are a perfect all-rounder. Worn close again the earlobe, the small diamonds catch the light at the slightest move of your head. Perfect for that extra sparkle.

The body of the earrings are made from 4,5mm round wire. The 18ct white gold is a high palladium alloy, therefor the earrings are not rhodium plated. Small natural diamonds are flush set into the top end of the wire.  with lightweight screw back fittings. High polished finish.


The earrings are set with a pair of 3mm round diamonds. The diamonds are approximately 0.10ct each. These diamonds do not have a certificate, as they are under 0.25ct.

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are precious sparkly gemstones. Natural diamonds are formed in the depths of the earth over millions of years. They are the only gemstone in the world to reflect their own light. Do you know that there are two types of diamonds? Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

What about lab-grown diamonds? These are man-made and produced in laboratories in the USA, Russia, China and India. Similarly to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can also be certificated. Natural diamonds are mined in Canada, Australia, Russia and a handful of African countries.

What about the colour of diamonds? We are all familiar with white diamonds… Did you know that natural diamonds, as well as lab-grown diamonds, come in a variety of colours? However natural fancy coloured diamonds are rare and very expensive. Therefore diamonds can be heat-treated to achieve a variety of colours.

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