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Cognac diamond eternity ring

Sparkly eternity ring set with 20 tiny cognac diamonds

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A diamond ring

Responsibly source cognac diamond eternity ring. Handmade in 14ct Fairmined eco rose gold.  Randomly set with 20 tiny cognac diamonds. Elegant 3mm wide oval wire. Hand-shaped ring with a high polish finish. Although this is designed as an eternity ring, it can also be worn as a wedding ring. For instance, it would sit nicely in a pair, alongside a rose gold engagement ring set with a sapphire.

The Origins of the Cognac Diamonds

These sweet tiny cognac diamonds are responsibly mined from the Argyl mine in Western Australia. Would you love to own jewellery with responsibly sourced gemstones? Email Saskia directly.

What is Fairmined Eco gold?

Fairmined Eco gold is mining without using toxic chemicals, like mercury and cyanide.  In short, detrimental to man and the environment. Fairmined Eco stands for Ecological, rehabilitation of native ecosystems and has additional requirements in place to minimize ecological disruption.


The tiny cognac diamonds are all 1mm in diameter. Also varying in shades of champagne to cognac.  In other words, from C3’s to C7’s.

The ring size, of this cognac diamond eternity ring, is 53. However, it can be made to order, in different sizes and with different gemstones. Please note that the prices may vary, depending on the gold price of the day and the chosen gemstones.

All jewellery is handmade to order, hence delivery time will take approximately 4 weeks from the date of purchase.


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