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Angelwing necklace

Angelwing rubellite tourmaline silver neckalce

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The Necklace

Silver angelwing necklace. set in the centre of the wings is a lovely deep pink rubellite tourmaline. A perfect bold evening wear adornment, however, the necklace can just as easily be worn during the day.

The rubellite is cut in a long narrow tear shape.  The necklace is saw-pierced, by hand from a 1,5mm thick silver sheet. It weighs approximately 25 grams and sits high at the base of the neck. Moreover, the wings are slightly domed for a comfortable snug fit around the base of the neck. And for a striking look, high polished finish.

Wat is rubellite?

Rubellite is a tourmaline with a beautiful intense deep red to dark pinkish-red colouring similar to rubies.

If you would like to try on the necklace before purchasing, please make an appointment to visit the workshop

Size information

The angelwing necklace can be worn by anyone with a 12 & 1/2 inch or 32cm neck diameter, so it will sit on at the collarbone height, whereas, someone with a 14 inch or 35cm neck diameter, subsequently the necklace will at the base of the neck.

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Additional information

Weight 25 g

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