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Angelwing Bangle

Large silver angel wing bangle, almost like a cuff on your wrist.

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The Angelwing bangle

Large unique statement piece bangle. Handmade in Brussels from recycled resourced silver. The anglewing bangle is part of the angelwing collection, made for a Christmas exhibition a few years ago. In this collection, were matching pendants, earrings, and cufflinks which were sold, however, they can still be made to order, so please contact Saskia directly for more information.  The bangle is finished to a high polished finish.

Bangel information

The bangle is saw-pierced, by hand from a 2,5mm thick silver sheet.  The anglewing bangle is approximately 120gram in weight. It is designed in an oval form, so it can slide neatly over the hand, and worn closely on the wrist. Dimensions of the bangle are 68mm x 56mm. The bangle slips neatly over your hand and is worn on the wrist.

High polished finish on the outside and inside of the bangle.

What is recycled silver?

Recycled silver comes from refineries that refine precious metals for jewellery purposes. This means that it comes from non-mined (or already mined) resources.  These precious metals come from the medical, IT, car, and jewellery industries, which are then recycled and refined and sold back into the jewellery industry.

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Weight 120 g

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