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Little pleasure

Little pleasure

Personal choices

First of all, choosing jewellery is an extremely personal affair. The choices we make, are influenced by our taste, mood, purpose and occasion. For what ever reason, buying jewellery is very specific to each individual…

Buying a piece of jewellery from an artisan jeweller like myself, opens other doors. Therefore, you can realize your dream jewel. Customers come to my workshop with an idea or an image of what they would like. Along with that idea comes a story… the “why” behind the idea.

Surprisingly, with each jewel there is a story. Reason or circumstance, behind commissioning a jewellery piece, is entirely personal. Each story is unique, but the circumstances are the same; engagement, wedding, birthday, loss,  etc… The stories are all touching in their happiness and even in their sadness.

A guilty pleasure

One particular commission springs to mind. It is entirely up to ones own interpretation for this story. A white gold dress ring, set with an aquamarine and diamonds. This particular ring was made from the woman’s previous engagement and wedding rings. I believe this story carries a hint of irony. My customer specifically asked for her new remodelled ring to be made for her middle finger. From my point of view, this is her naughty pleasure, her comeuppance to a marriage left behind. It is a possible story behind this ring, hidden in plain sight.

The end result was a stunning and bold cocktail ring, which I would like to think, after so many years, she still wears with pride and joy.

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