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Certified craftsmanship

certified craftsmanship

Exciting news

Exciting news. Over the summer, I received the label of certified craftsmanship. So, this is what happened… During the month of June 2016, I put together a portfolio of my work and career. It was this portfolio which was sent to the “Ambacht Commissie” (Board for craftsmen). So, after presenting my portfolio and defending my application, I had to await the result. As a result, my application to the Federal Government For Economy of Belgium has been accepted. Naturally, I am proud to have received recognition for certified craftsmanship. Personally, this is an important certification to have, as I am a proud craftsman(woman). I am dedicated and proud that all my jewellery is 100% handmade by myself. In support of the craftsmen, the Federal Government of Economy organizes the Day of the Craftsman. It is a yearly event. Held for the past 15 consecutive years. It brings together the craftsmen and the general public. certifeid craftsmanship certified craftsmanship logo-d_SaskiaShutt certified craftsmanship, handmade certifeid craftsmanship

The Day of the Craftsman

One Sunday a year, craftsmen and women open their workshop doors to the general public. Dag van de Ambachten or Day of the Craftsmen, is a wonderful way to show the public how we work. Furthermore, the public has access to a world they never get to see. What happens behind the closed doors of the workshop… In previous years I have always participated in the Day of the Craftsman. Unfortunately, this year, this event falls on the same weekend as Meesterlijk. Since I had already subscribed to Meesterlijk, I can’t participate in Day of the Craftsman.  I find it disappointing as this event is important for our industry. The craftsman is a dying phenomenon. But with events like this, we are seeing a slow revival. Because it is important to keep our artisan skills and craftsmanship alive. As the art of craftsmanship is hands-on skills. And the public needs to experience this. But, most of all, to inspire the future generation of craftsmen. Saskia Shutt Designs Interested in having a piece of jewellery made. Browse through my website, especially the commissions and remodelling pages. Interested in what you have read so far, make an appointment to visit my workshop and discuss your ideas for your perfect jewel.

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